Unity began with the simple premise “I wonder what a Celtic Knot would look like in three dimensions. Celtic knots are wonderful designs, intricate, rhythmic, flowing… but as line drawings on stone or paper, or even silver jewellery, they are well, a little bit 2 dimensional! So I set too with the wax.

You may not know it, but all ancient Celtic Knotwork is made from single ribbons looped back onto itself, there are no “ends”. As I worked with this feature, I realised that loop had a half turn where it joins to itself, this would become a Möbius strip, but with a knot in it. Further work made it clear that knots with an odd number of sides would naturally fall into this form – and Unity was born.

Despite being a complex form, it has only one face and only one edge, beyond intriguing!

Kilncast Glass, Elm, Iron. 2.8kg of Glass, about 40cm on each side.