Pictish Animals

The area of Scotland where I live is home to a large number of Pictish artifacts, most commonly the enigmatic carvings upon monumental stones, which are unique amongst those left by all other early peoples. We know surprisingly little about these people other than the stones they left behind. The animals are a combination of realistic and stylised, with certain themes and visual devices commonly recurring, they obviously held some ritual or symbolic value to the Picts, these are not just pretty pictures! There is even some evidence the now plain stone carvings were once brightly coloured.

I love the weight and density of colour of glass and nowhere is this better expressed than with cast glass. In addition, the re-imagining of the formally flat line carvings into three dimensions brings them vividly to life. Thus by combining this medium with the mysteries of the Pictish animals, vibrant and thought provoking pieces are produced.

These items are made in re-usable ceramic moulds that I have made from my original designs, which allows me to reproduce these items in many colours cost effectively. The moulds are lined with colour using the pate de verre technique, giving a skin of coloured glass, which is then filled with clear glass, this makes sure the pieces transmit light and have vibrant colours wherever they are placed. In all the pieces, careful consideration is taken over the weight, colour and transparency of the glass used, from granite like combinations of colours, to vivid colours selected to invoke the symbolic power of these pieces.

Burghead Bull
Pictish Boar
Pictish Boar
Pictish Bear