Decorative Tiling

The joy of custom tiling is that you can have almost anything you want! The colours, design, size (sizes!) and thickness can all be varied to suit the situation. Coloured glass, glass paints or bubbles can be used in any combination. The tiles can even be slumped with texture or relief on the front face.

This all takes time, so these will cost a little more that commercial tiling, but for the money you get exactly the effect you look for, they fit perfectly and they are absolutely unique. If budget is a constraint, then a few feature tiles can be made to work with commercial tiles or to tie in areas of the room using small areas of feature colour for example.

In addition to making the tiles, I am available to help design the space, tie in with other aspects of interior design and realise the finished room. For example, every aspect of the waves tiles bathroom below was executed by myself.

Prices will vary with the size of the tiles and the complexity in the designs, please contact Bramar to discuss options and request a quote.

Custom size and design Main and Trim Tiles. This commission to brings to life a small bathroom in a seaside holiday home. The design, made from bubbles and just a little silver mica glitter is trapped between two layers of clear glass and on a warm white base glass. The result fits perfectly into the customers bathroom and makes a unique, fun and attractive statement.

On a practical note, the trim tiles bridge the gap between the rolled edge bath and the wall to allow the shower to be used without collecting water. The clear perspex wall screens were also supplied and installed over walls painted to match the rest of the room perfectly. You can get the full design and install service from Bramar if you wish.

Feature and trim tiles, custom sized to fit into the customers architecture and to work with the commercial mosaic tiles. This enabled the tiles to exactly fit the space available.