Precious Objects

The colour, weight and texture of small cast glass objects can give them great perceived value. Mix that with special occasions and you can make heirlooms to recall moments in time. Items such as the dram glasses below, make fantastic gifts to commemorate an occasion and can be brought out occasionally, or used daily, to remember those times.

The pieces are made by the lost wax casting process, which although time consuming, allows great relief and texture to be included on the piece. Several individual pieces can be produced from one design using a rubber mould taken from the original master. However, since every newly cast wax has to be hand prepared and every cast glass piece has to be hand finished, they are truly individual – no two pieces are ever completely alike.

Careful choice of the colours, the amount of clear glass incorporated and the size of the chunks of glass melted into the mould, allow precise control of the luminosity of the finished piece and further add to the individuality. They can be cast in any colours you wish.

My existing designs are shown below, but the lost wax process allows them to be modified, or even completely new designs made for you. Email me to ask about bespoke pieces, I’m very happy to take them on.

Thistle Dram Glass
Tak a Dram Whisky Glass