Decorative and Privacy Glazing

If a design is made upon transparent or translucent glass, then it can usually be made to fit into a standard triple glazing unit and thus mounted in any modern glazing system. The result is a window where you can control the design, colour, visibility and overall effect. This is particularly useful for entrance halls, windows which are overlooked and bathrooms for instance. Transparency can be controlled at will to leave areas where you can still view through the window if required. In the case of leaded glass, these sections can be as clear as a normal window.

For example, an application would be to take one of my bubble paintings, make it to the exact window size required, or spread the design over several adjacent windows or lights. The result is a coordinated image in the window, which sparkles vividly, lets in a vast amount of light, but maintains the level of privacy you require.

Other examples would be to use painted or coloured glass, perhaps in conjunction with normal clear window glass, to provide a leaded transparent feature window with a border, a largely obscured window with a small viewing area, or just a beautiful feature window.

The options are infinite, the choice is yours.

This Diving Otter Painting could be resized and reshaped to fit your window or windows and then incorporated in a standard window system. As you can see the results are stunning, especially when the sun is out, every bubble sparkles!

The design can be altered to vary the transparency as required, but it should be noted the fused glass can never be fully transparent due to the manufacturing process, one side will always have fine texture on it.

Of course the image on the window need not be an otter, it can be anything you want!

Painted or stained glass can also be built into windows, either as a single sheet as seen here, or combined with coloured and or clear glass using the familiar leaded “stained glass window” techniques.

The designs can be modern or traditional, simple like a house number, or very luxurious.

The choice is entirely yours.