Tak a Dram – Whisky Glass

Big enough for a large measure straight up, this boldly lettered glass is a joy to hold. The letters spell out the old Scots greeting calling upon the guest to “tak a dram” – to take a drink with the host and join in!

The glass is a lost wax casting, giving a heavy weight in the hand and rich surface texture. The glass pictured here is made from aquamarine transparent glass, filled with sufficient colourless glass to leave just the right density of colour in the finished object. That said, this glass can be cast in practically any colour, or combinations of colours available in Bullseye art glass, as a block colour, a pale tint, swirls or even crystal clear colourless glass. The choice is yours.

Beautiful, a truly one of a kind piece to treasure – and use – forever!

Size h mm x d mm, weight  x g

Price £60 plus delivery