Diving Otter

The Diving Otter is a large bubble painting, composed entirely from bubbles trapped within layers of glass. The image is formed using the density of bubbles and by spreading parts of the image over the different layers of glass. The basic outline of the image is used as a guide which is then hand painted by sifting bubble powder over the glass and reworking it with a paintbrush. This technique is repeated over the 4 layers of glass to build up the image. The glass is then fired to fuse the layers together and break the bubble powder down to produce the bubbles which form the image.

The piece is 610mm x 410mm x 13mm thick.

Price £450 plus stand.

It can be supplied with a custom blacksmith made iron frame or with hanging loops.

Images of this type are also suitable to be used in privacy glazing and can be supplied embedded in a double glazing unit.

Diving Otter