About Me!

Hi, My name is Ash Brammer, I’m an independent artist working mainly in Fused, Painted and Kilncast Glass. I use multiple techniques, often in combination, to produce rich imagery with real depth. I also work with wood, iron and other metals to produce works in these materials or in combination with my glass, whatever I need to realise the piece. I also teach these techniques to individuals or small groups in my well appointed home studio.

I’m very much a one man band, I do all the artwork, make all the pieces and all the marketing – I even built my own studio! Except on the few occasions where I have collaborated with other local artists or makers, everything you see is by my own hand.

My glass art work is all completely unique and is conceived, designed and executed in North East Scotland.

My website is currently still under construction, so please forgive me if the piece you are interested in is not fully detailed yet, but there will at least be photos in the gallery! I’ve not got as far as “ecommerce” yet, so if you are interested in anything, please contact me directly as per the contacts page.

For more info, pictures and stories visit these:-