Welcome to Bramar!

I love the making of things and I just adore the look and feel of glass, the result is what you see below!
There are more details of the art I make behind each of the pictures below. Please click on them and explore. Further details about myself,  and a gallery of all beautiful pieces are found via the menu above.
Most of my work is by individual commission, thus many items are unique one-off pieces, but if you interested in one of them or have ideas for a piece of your own, please contact me as per the the contacts page.
Detail - Diving Otter
Cheeky Wren
Scottish Animals
Thistle Whisky Tumbler
Precious Objects
Cornflower Plate
Cut and Fused Glass
Detail - Purple Emperor Bowl
Painted Glass
Test Piece for Bearded Iris Flower
Flowers and Plants
Custom Sea Themed Tiles
Applied Arts - Art as part of your home!