Fused glass makes an ideal material for splashbacks, tough and easy to clean, but beautiful. Any of the techniques or designs I use can be adapted to make splashbacks, anything from rich colours, glass painting to bubbles. The design can be almost anything you want and the results can be spectacular.

The maximum size for a single tile is limited to around 950mm x 650mm in my kiln, but larger areas can be achieved using multiple tiles or I can hire a third party kiln as appropriate.

Here the customer wanted an abstract form in deep vibrant green colours. This was achieved using crushed glass and gold mica laid upon a sheet of clear glass, which is in turn on a sheet of opaque white glass. The whole design was then capped with clear glass to give a vibrant result with a deep glossy finish.

The customer even had a hand in placing the coloured glass, giving them a truly personal and unique centre piece to their kitchen.

Diving Otter
Octopus Bubble Plate

Any other of my designs and techniques can be adapted to a splashback, to suit the requirements of the customer and space.

Detail of Starfish motif.
Only layers of bubbles and heavy transparent glass
Detail - Purple Emperor Bowl