Glass is an amazing medium for sculpture, it’s weight and feel make truly precious objects. Add in the ability to manipulate the colours, colour texture and in particular the transparency/translucency and the effects can be bewitching.

All the sculpture starts in wax to generate the form, either from life or imagination. From the waxes one shot moulds are made from a plaster based refractory mix – using the so called lost wax process. This allows fully three dimensional sculptures to be made, with complex shapes, holes, hollows and undercuts, in theory any shape can be made. The surface of these castings accurately reproduces that on the wax model, so good that in fact you can sometimes see fingerprints!

When all this is combined with larger scale subjects, the result is remarkable and impressive objects. It’s slow and careful work, so it comes at a price, but the results are truly stunning.

The Kelpie
Red Z
The Reaper